The Precise Pedi

The Precise Pedi
The Precise Pedi
The Precise Pedi
The Precise Pedi
The Precise Pedi
The Precise Pedi
The Precise Pedi

The Precise Pedi

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The Precise Pedi makes giving yourself an at-home foot treatment as easy as pie. Simply switch it on and buff away rough, dry skin!

Your at-home pedicure just got easier



3,000 rotations per minutes

Perfect polishing

Reveal your softest feet ever

Put your best foot forward

Frequently Asked Questions

Designed to be held like a pencil, simply turn Precise Pedi on and begin smoothing your feet to polished perfection! Use the Smoothing Head to safely remove rough or thick skin around your heels, soles, and sides of your feet. Switch to the Sculpting Head to get those hard-to-reach areas between your toes

Yes! The Precise Pedi requires 2 x AA Batteries

Wear depends on use but most customers report roller heads lasting approximately 3 months

I like this electric callus pedicure product a lot. I’m so tired of the boredom that comes with taking my calluses off. My hands get tired. I have ticklish feet and have to do this on my own... No trip to the pedicure salon for me! Also, I have diabetes and I need to take really good care of my feet. This little product is worh it just for that reason alone!

Audrey N.

This product doesn't disappoint. I had thick calluses near my big toe and I used the coarse roller head to reduce (and pretty much remove) the callus and then used the fine roller head to finish. I then used the fine roller head on both of my feet leaving a very nice smooth finish. It was great. It was really nice to be able to do this right at home.

Sabrina T.

I was a bit skeptical about buying this product. I had researched and searched for something like this. I have used manual pedi pumice stones but did not get the result that this product gives. I totally recommend the electronic pedicure tool. Easy to use and love

Robin T.

This is so amazing. My feet feel great. The calluses just flew off my feet. Now my feet are so smooth again. I have diabetes and foot health is essential. I am so happy with the Precise Pedi. I sent one to my best friend. She's already in love with it too!

Laurie W.

I stopped going to the nail salon for manicures/pedicures - and as much as I miss the pretty nail polish and manicured toe nails - i missed the callus removing the most. This product is fantastic! Easy to use (so much better than using files or "graters") - especially when it comes to angles that are hard to see. I noticed a difference immediately - calluses and cracking are disappearing, YAY!

Emma D.
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